Platinum Watches

Its rarity expresses its success. Even more precious than gold, platinum appeals to passionate collectors of fine timepieces. The so-called ‘metal of Kings’ appears in pre-Columbian American culture. Reintroduced in the early 20th century by the most prestigious Swiss watchmaking manufactures, this precious metal is commonly associated with the first jewelry watches. Thanks to its many properties, platinum embodies a multitude of qualities. Noble and precious, this material withstands abrasion and tarnishing over time, and offers exceptional resistance to shocks, promising durability and stability, both of which represent highly popular attributes in watchmaking. Particularly delicate to elaborate, platinum remains the prerogative of the Rare Handcrafts Métiers Rares® and readily lends itself to the requirements of gem-setting. At Jaeger-LeCoultre, men's watch models feature this favored metal, with its matte gray-white tone and tangible weight deemed to represent the pinnacle of luxury. Reserved for grand complications (tourbillon, perpetual calendar), platinum shares a degree of complexity that continues to fascinate aesthetic connoisseurs wishing to surround themselves with beautiful objects. Machining and polishing this precious metal requires the same degree of patience, expertise and meticulousness as those belonging to the most remarkable watch collections and limited editions. Platinum is used in many of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s illustrious models, including the Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon, from the iconic Hybris Mechanica collection.