White Gold Watches

An inseparable part of watchmaking history, white gold remains a must. From East to West, many cultures appreciate this precious metal for its various attributes. First and foremost for its purity; white gold is renowned for reflecting light with dazzle and brilliance. Next, for its nobility: white gold by definition symbolizes refinement, wealth, and understatement. And finally, for its inalterability; white gold is considered a resistant and durable material that traverses time without deteriorating. At Jaeger-LeCoultre, white gold (also known as gray gold) is traditionally used to craft the most complex watch components, as well as for watches that reflect the expertise of the Rare Handcrafts Métiers Rares®. It lends a degree of malleability that enables accommodation of the sophisticated technique of enameling, which is notably used on select miniatures of the Reverso collection. While most of the Grande Maison's Minute Repeater timepieces are crafted in white gold (such as the Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie and the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetuel), this blend of fine gold makes it possible to obtain notes of exceptional acoustic quality. Both classic and contemporary, white gold suits all skin tones, is easy to wear, and complements a wide variety of precious stones.